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All resources of attention Kenpachi could only use up have been used up on devouring Milana’s neck and its environs, with less to none care about such trifles as breathing. Or checking what’s going on around. When put against each other, 11th squad captain and petite female could be a pair of fierce fighters, but nothing would change the fact their duel, no matter how knock-down-drag-out could seem, was not real. It was hard to hide that they didn’t mean any business in all this chasing, thwacking and pinning down — it was just a way to entertain — and Kenpachi didn’t manage to convince his usually honed battle instincts that thing is going to get serious.

It wasn’t going to and he knew it — instinctively.

Such an irony.

He didn’t have to wait long until that little negligence would rebound upon him without mercy. First there was a short huff when something has been planted against his face with no hint of warning, then just offended growl as his head twitched back up and he looked around, with expression typical of a doberman that got his paw stepped on.

…Fuckin’ nothing.

She’s not there. Brief while of his… indisposition turned out to be enough for Milana to slip away from his trap and escape hell knows where. If only he would be prone to obey them, all the rules of kinda plays were saying that now Kenpachi should the one chasing. But he never was the most obedient being.

Shoulders raised in a mild shrug and he simply laid down amongst the tousled beddings to welter in them a bit before Milana would return. Yeah, he trusted own instincts almost blindly, but this time decided to disobey them too. Instincts were screaming to chase, but Kenpachi knew that sometimes the best way to get things is waiting until they’ll come by themselves.

Though it might happen faster than expected.

Escape ‘hell knows where’ wasn’t even as far as someone might expect, the little assault with feathery weapon enough for petite female to just turn around the next corner that had to be the doorframe and wait there, glancing with attentive green eyes around so that a small giggle would escape. If  at all Kenpachi had been on the chasing part in his mind, this might have been enough for him to track down where his significant other went into hiding, but he seemed to be rather lazy with even this endeavor, so massive form just flopped down in front of her on beddings, and stayed there.

How boring~

This would truly not do.

Due to fact of place of choice for fighting, long-haired female had a very interesting kind of ‘weapon’ on hand to finally move the captain of Seireitei’s warrior squad out of his sweet languor. Weapon was small, cute and fluffy~

Own head vanished again behind the doorframe, after situation on hand was tracked down to best degree, then she leaned on the ground behind, lightly drumming with fingertips on the wooden surface, what, not even a few seconds later, let golden eyes peek out of one of the many rooms alligned towards large corridor. First: one pair. Then: another pair. Necks would get a bit longer, then furry paws followed and both of them slowly, as if knowing about their supposed to be reason to be coaxed out, were sneaking over the ground, towards hand of their caretaker.

So weapon was in reach, now they just needed a trigger to attack. Said ‘trigger’ was a little hairy toy-mouse, one of this kind that was actually scattered all around the house, due to immensely convincing skill in hiding everything where it shouldn’t be. So, this was the point of releasing her weapon, what happened the second she wiggled the little object of desire in front of twitching noses, eliciting a few excited mewls, and with a fast movement – it landed right on Kenpachi’s chest~

He would see what he had from being lazy~

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He loved her. Mercilessly.

Commission for giving-without-receiving for her threads with taste-for-carnage!! thank you for commissioning me!! ; v ;

I think my computer caught some bug that latched onto the original psd for this so I had to redo it quite a few times T v T )/ hope it’s okay!! ; v ; b hmu for the original; it’s quite big!!

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taste-for-carnage: Tired all disproportionately to effort actually made during his workday and absolutely unable to be bothered by anything in the world, Kenpachi rolled out from his habitual evening bath and simply flopped across the bed, this way taking much more place than was destined for his person (as well as all the pillows) and so could be found, napping peacefully away.

Herself was at home the whole time, simply strolling through the garden, playing with and accompanying their two kittens so they wouldn’t get lost or stuck somewhere where shouldn’t, so petite female had indeed missed her significant other dragging his formidable self inside shared home, and it would also take a good while until Milana would realize the presence of the captain of Juuichibantai.

Mainly to that time she thought he would return home – and ‘apparently’ didn’t.

So with a quick movement the two little fluffy balls were gathered up safely in long-haired female’s arms, a few swift steps would bring her inside of the kitchen, while she ignored the exasperated mewling, a soft head-tilt left, then another right, so that keen ears would be able to pick up any sounds wandering through the rather large home.

Nothing, hm ~

It took only a few more moments until Milana finally would track down her target (with help of shedded clothes from beginning of corridor to bathroom ~) peacefully snoring away on the bed like nothing had happened. How long Kenpachi was exactly there was indeed hard to decipher, but nothing that would be overly important either. She smiled, warmly and softly, while watching the tall figure sprawled out and curled onto the bed.

Setting both their furry companions down, slow steps brought her close and at the side of the most important person in her life, and with a swift movement a hand reached out to grab the light blanket, covering him up completely to bare out the a bit more chilly air. Another smile, petite female leaned down and placed a soft kiss on his lips. Then she turned, and exited the room – it was enough time to prepare something nice for dinner, as long as Kenpachi would decide to nap ~

Jun 26
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Row of vertebrae notched against the skin, painting a rugged line beneath it as his back cambered up in instinctual reaction for undesirable — yet not unpleasant — touch. This wasn’t kind of reaction he could’ve expected, though he had to admit — it was damn effective. In the heat of ‘battle’ he forgot about it, but now it was ever so clear that petite woman was one of the few, if not only, who knew how susceptible to gentle touch was skin of that, would seem, hardened and callous man.

He was reactive to it indeed, more than he would ever admit to, a few areas in particular making him nearly squirm under properly applied caress — and Milana knew them all. His upper lip twitched lightly, letting out a short sigh. So this is what did mean the author of saying ‘your best friend is your worst enemy’…

There was only one way to get off scot-free from this ordeal—

In less than a blink of an eye his mouth was at her neck, small nipping kisses being planted against the soft skin, one next to another, turned almost into bites when his teeth skimmed along the cartilage of her throat, leaving little marks all the way up. If it was enough to distract Milana from her own doings was going to be seen, but if his impromptu banged out plan would work, he would get a great chance to wrap her back in all these bedsheets, there taking away the ability to move and score a point in their little duel.

Maybe author of that goddamn saying had a bit of right, but Kenpachi liked other one a lot more.

Best defence is attack.

They were both worse than an actual enemy placed in front of their noses and hands. Knowing exactly what will happen, when it will happen and what some touch and affection can do to turn the places and win this little self-made war~

What wouldn’t mean petite female would comply, no way! Head was tilted left and right, what actually seemed like going into the small kisses and enjoying them was a very clever way of ‘fleeing~’ said ones, in the meantime not stopping the light and tickling lines on his chest – as he wasn’t capable to pull away her hand from his skin, due to holding up his monumental form with his own ones~ - so it probably could be called a ‘tie’.

Until she realized what he was trying with the very movements on her neck, distraction of sorts, so no tie at all!

A soft growl came up after a good while, a trap, starting to wriggle a little more and more, playing to give in this very game while now free hand searched for a fitting weapon, perfectly on the side where he couldn’t see at all, so it might~ work if done correctly. Hand wandered and wandered, gripping another one of the pillows (maybe it truly was a good thing they had so much of them) and with one well-placed movement it was pulled close, and—-

—-not whacked over his head, but pushed right in his face.  

She would see how this attack goes! ~

Jun 23
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Low growl escaped his chest at the sudden assault, but it was nothing to stop him from further attempts to hunt down what had to be hunted. Scratching at the sheetings and trying to climb up the bed akin to an oversized scolopendra, he continued struggles to lay hands on his surely more lithesome opponent, the longer it lasted, the more whetted his predatory appetites would have become.

Action of a next few seconds more than anything resembled a performance of some really shitty conjurer who tried to slip the tablecloth from under fancy dinnerware and failed hard at it, in outcome of which Kenpachi found himself on the floor again; however, this time accompanied by Milana. He couldn’t see her, one of bedsheets still wrapped around his head like some crooked turban, but nasty smirk that spread his lips was telling much enough — he knew where she is.

Following the bodywarmth as well as slight wriggly movements against his back, in a split-second Kenpachi shifted and twisted on his place, in a single sharp move flipping his weight in the desirable direction, arms now planted against the floor one on each side of his lovely prey. High on the smell of victory coming, he almost forgot about the one little yet significant detail—

…he still couldn’t see anything around.

That Kenpachi couldn’t see, how Milana was indeed able to realize a few seconds later, was probably her way to still turn the tables, no matter if he had caged her now or not. Namely she would do this while reaching up and grabbing said bed-sheet-turban to pull it a bit lower, pushing away any possibility to actually shake it off without any help of hands that were planted so deliberately besides her smaller form.

It wasn’t like she would give up – no way! It was just a form of: how do I use my resources the best way? ~

Now there was the need to flee ~ in some way. Still holding the fine bed-cover material in one hand, petite female went with a different tactic, one that might work, but could very likely not as well. Free hand reached up slowly, finding way onto open place on his chest of attire worn by towering captain, just to start drawing light and ticklish lines all over the skin, something long-haired female knew he reacted on, if not right away, then surely after significant amount of time had passed.

He might have had a tough skin hardly any weapon could cut —-

—- but it was truly hard to defend against something as light and tender as this, and Milana would not stop with it any time soon, nah ~ Where would be the fun otherwise? ~

Jun 22
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i’ll give you all i’ve got and then give you some more.


"Neither. I hardly ever regret anything."

It was truth indeed. Put face to face with decisions difficult or uncomfortable, Zaraki Kenpachi would get bitter and testy, angry, distant, maybe violent even — but with hindsight it was clear he had no regrets and didn’t feel sorry for a single thing done. Quite a bit of a chewy temper, one could say, and would be absolutely right — but as hard to take as Kenpachi undoubtedly was, he had nigh on no interest in beings that didn’t evince a will and readiness to accept him with all that stock-in-trade he carried. And such were rare, so the more surprised he was when that, you’d say, completely undistinguished woman turned out to be exactly what he’d been yearning for this badly, turned out to be everything but ordinary.

He didn’t know what has betided to her and maybe never was going to get to know, but it didn’t matter now — just like she was discovering him bit by bit, without any warning what could be found, the same way Kenpachi was carving a certain picture of her in his mind. For him there was no Milana before they met, and likely she felt similar about the captain of Juuichibantai. Nothing to believe, nothing to be wary of; just blank sheets, ready to be filled with new memories and experiences. It was the most beautiful gift ones like them could receive — a chance to start over, to try once again, to paint over the old smears that never could be erased completely.


Whatever it was what brought them together, some quirky fate, instinct or just a concurrence of events, they hadn’t wasted what’s been given to them. Their picture, repainted over and over again, changing colors and forms repeatedly as aura between them has been turning from calm to storm and then to still, dull rainfall, eventually has become a real masterpiece where each single dab had own importance and was an inseparable element of the bigger entirety. 

It was not so long ago when they met for the first time, barely a year, yet original details of the picture had become blurried in his mind; as easily as he could bring back what took place between them two, precise date together with a bunch of other not this significant parts of this memorable day have been covered with dust, pushed aside in torrential course of further events and reformations. It was winter for sure; he remembered fragile snowflakes dancing behind the window and familiar warmth of that old ragged haori against his back, as he used to protect it from wintry cold, and these long dark evenings they spent on long dark conversations months before they’d ever entertain an idea to be together… He remembered many things, yeah, but the particular date was not one of them.

He never had really good memory to numbers.

"25th…? Might be." He gave a slow nod, still one leg in the thoughts he was diving in for a good while. Who knows how long he would sit frozen in time like that if Milana didn’t suddenly stop her caresses and by it break this chain of memories he was blithely tripping along, oblivious to sounds, sights and even fact that his own kiseru had devoured almost all tobacco and now was running on oddments at most — probably not much longer anyways, so he just flopped it aside, beforehand tapping out whatever has left from its contents over the window, hopefully not on someone’s head. "Heh, I’m not sure if it was 25th, 24th or maybe 23rd even… Just pick whichever you fancy most, it’s your date of birth after all. Given 25th is the date you remember, I’d let it stay like that. Anyways, it’s just a date, huh~?”

“Yeah, it’s just a date, that is true.“ One like the other, might be said, still for some beings it apparently held some certain importance, the louder kind of their own would even announce it for everyone to hear and acknowledge that it was special. Indeed – but what was even special on the very moment someone was brought into this life? Nothing, really, if not carved by own ideas and memories and becoming significant for another person, other than yourself. For someone who would want to remember and pay attention to this little tidbit of personal information, making this very being as special as any other own.

What is so imporant in that date? – Maybe that there was someone who it would be important enough for to remember.

“Still you asked me after it.” A smile lightening up rather sullen features, more drawn into thoughts as really saddened or feeling uncomfortable, would it be regarded to the only person who had ever asked about something so insignificant and minor as this very date, and even if he would now use words like this, petite female knew exactly what her significant other meant, not keen on said day as well if not coming as greetings from the very beings towering male would deem suitable enough to pull his rather rough care on. “So it would just be a nice ending for such a sad topic to actually find one~”

And her smaller form moved, unfolding herself from sitting in rather cramped and sunken back position, the folds of kimono covering herself being left wrinkled as they were, this could and probably would be coordinated to suitable moment, but was not even slightly valuable for next, rather adventurous, motions. A soft touch again, one that had ceased due to mulling over what should only be thought out between the two, would lay itself on the arm propped up, drawing light lines, just to catch with slender fingers his wrist, and then hand – lifting said one to make space for her smaller form.

A few seconds later, Milana had climbed onto him, nesting herself against the tall captain, while the hand drawn up would find place on the back of her neck, optionally maybe her shoulders or even upper back, whatever he preferred and would give them both warmth. Kiseru had been brought out of path of choice by Kenpachi himself, so nothing would keep him from fulfilling a certain embrace she was craving and they both maybe needed like nothing else.

The calm after the storm – the hurricanes – even self-made and gentle between them, deserved something special to reassure that nothing was capable to break their bond made of steel.

“Yes.” Came as whisper just after a few seconds when silence had been allowed to devour whatever sour thought would still linger in fresh air after the storm. “The 25th sounds like the day I would like to remember.” For herself, but not only, for him as well, the only being that ever was content enough with her person, quirks and traits, to make it worth to find a day for herself to be born. “The day when I found you – and was born.”

Jun 21
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As a pull has been given to his soon-to-be weapon, in an instinctive reflex — one of a whole bunch typical of him — Kenpachi tightened the grasp he had on the pillow corner, fingers digging deeper into feathery lump with intention of not letting it go so easily; it was the weapon after all, so giving it out to the opponent would’ve been a rather dumb move. Instead, he pulled it in own direction, with as much force as only that wretched position could allow him to. He wasn’t going to give up without a fight, no fucking way!

To his slight bewilderment, tugging had ceased ever so quickly and left untamed taichou kind of without anything he could pull against, in result of which he’d nearly have a closer meeting with floorboards again. Not that he did have time to ponder on it now; a considerable weight landing right on his trunk all of a sudden efficiently squeezed all the stupid ideas out of him — as well as a strangled hiss and a mouthful of very picturesque curses when he tried to extricate himself from all them goddamned covers and nail Milana down to get his revenge~

Eh, point for her this time…

Mind had shot pretty fast on what her significant other tried to do in this rather sudden pillow-fight they started in their mutual bedroom, but her considerably smaller figure was probably much harder to pin down than his large one – if only strength and weight wouldn’t be on the captain’s side of favor, so with a well placed roll she wriggled herself out of soon to be net-replacement of blanket just to grab nearest pillow and twack one time right over his head.

What had not been looked after until carrying out her attack-move was female’s own strange position, namely with one knee still on his catcher – to be precise: bedspread – what ended in a slight swish over the floor when said soft material was pulled from under her form by Kenpachi’s try to nail her down.

Sudden miss of object she kneeled on had only one real ending to happen: falling.

Rather ungraceful even with pillow still in hand and quiet squeak announcing her sudden surprise upon disadvantage would petite female land right behind tall captain’s back in rest of bedclothes and for the first time ever – while flailing – wondered: why the hell did they have so much of that?!

Jun 16
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furry delight


 He was so sure that no one would see him or even catch him in this act but he was wrong, though with the two awfully cute kittens that had made themselves apparent upon him made it hard to not let a smile spread. Indeed he was startled at first so much so that a gasp had left his lips as he lay upon the floor being attacked by rather excited kittens.

She had seen and she had laughed.

If it was not for the two kittens distracting the male a blush would have appeared from embarrassment.

Well this was awkward…

He had no idea on how to react to such a situation as he honestly thought he would not get caught, not by stranger at least. The expression of his showed he was clearly startled and trying to regain composure but the adorable kittens managed to distract him once more. The softest of smiles had adorned his face once more as fingers moved slowly, offering up for both kittens to smell him before he would stroke the soft fur. Sure enough that they had time to take in his scent fingers moved to stroke the fur of both kittens, giving them both equal amounts of fuss. It was almost enough to forget the little mishap and the presence of a lady before him, her voice was what brought him back to reality.

Ah she had asked about the basket… How should he answer this? Eyes glanced back to the basket full of different treats, he had wrapped them so delicately with a little bow holding it together. It was clear the effort he had gone too for the two kittens but now he had to explain. Where to even start…


“… Eheh.”

Scratching the back of his head he moved to stand up, letting the kittens run back to it’s owner who he assumed she was as well as Kenpachi. “It’s not often you see animals as pets around here.” Words were leaving his mouth but his attention kept falling back to the two kittens, he was happy to see such well looked after animals. “I make small gift baskets for pets, it’s not always easy to acquire a wide variety of treats.” A pause was given once more as he almost seemed embarrassed for doing such a thing, usually he had never been caught so he had no idea on how to even react upon such a situation.

“SoIleavelittlegiftbasketsatdoors.” If not embarrassed enough Kirito had indeed rushed out his words all in one go, almost hoping she would not hear or question it. Maybe she would just smile and let him go after hearing the truth.  

Awkward, was a rather fitting word for the whole situation, but furthermore Milana would truly call it adorable if asked after, for one; because of the young man that seemed rather immersed in her two little furry companions, for two; because of Yuki and Kuro themselves who weren’t really capable of holding back their excitement upon the guest as well as the deliciously smelling treats inside said basket she just had asked after. And in the end – people stroking their fur normally meant attention, and attention meant food. This was something they had learned rather fast, living with Kenpachi and herself.

Ah, so that was the reason, quite an endearing one, but the long-haired female apparently had – without a doubt – caught him off-guard as much that he appeared like more in need of leaving than really explaining himself.

Well, not she had caught him, but the two little furballs now sniffling and nearly jumping in the little gift they had so generously been provided with. Raise of eyebrow and she smiled. “And why don’t you bring them to the owners themselves?” It was genuine amusement combined with curiosity. “I’m fairly sure everyone would like to thank you personally, seeing that you care about what isn’t even under your hand.” A small glance towards quiet rustling and mewling and she sighed, they were a bit too interested in all the good smelling stuff. “Well, at least this is their way to say ‘thank you!’.”

It wasn’t often people would have animals inside Soul Society, truly her own captain was owner of a small white puppy, as well as the fukutaichou of the tenth division was, but by now Milana wasn’t aware about anyone else owning pets and caring about them by even carrying around – like Kenpachi did – so it was maybe not even that surprising half of his division would freak out about them – and male standing in front of her now as well. “Thank you very much for the basket.” It came rather out of blue, seeing that she had spoken about other things beforehand. “My name is Milana, might I know who the benefector for those two little troublemakers is?”

She wouldn’t wait long for his approval, until adding another short sentence to the whole situation, he kind of deserved it, especially that both – Milana as well as the captain of Juuichibantai – were rather restrained when it was about touching their little house-mates. “And while we are at the greeting, they both would possibly be really happy if their new friend would feed them with all of the delicious presents~”

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giving-without-receiving: Hands him freshly made muffins~


has no yellow clue what is that but smells good…

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Milana in palette 11 as requested ‘w’

yeah, except a bit of black here and there i haven’t used any other colours except these 5 from palette

it’s all made only by playing with opacities, blendings, layers etc.

i actually thought that first, darkest colour on the palette is brown — so it was a pleasant surprise to figure out it’s very dark purple B]

Jun 02
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The very mention of Urahara’s name was more than enough to make Mayuri both recognize and understand the implications behind its reason for acknowledgement in the first place. It was not of jealousy as the scientist himself would be very adamant in exclaiming. In truth, it was not jealousy. It was not even envy in its purest and truest form. Moreover, it was complete and utter disdain he held. Whatever happened betwixt them to start this quiet but, at the same time, awfully loud hatred would remain forever within the dark unless one of them decided to reveal the truth. Kurotsuchi doubted it, though. There were a lot of things he knew the blond was capable of, but he was also frightfully aware of how humble and genuine he truly was. In a way, that disgusted the painted individual more than anything else the merchant could ever do. Continuing to wait on an answer, his eyes glanced from beneath the shadow of his hands in order to observe Milana. She had yet to move from her spot, and that was, in a sense, both concerning and appreciative. She was not like the others, and he was aware of this since their very first encounter. For the time being, he was capable of appreciating her willingness to remain still but only for so long until he actually desired her to move. It was as if it was some sort of ritual within the researcher’s mind. He never wanted something to stay in the same spot for too long. Perhaps it was because of how he brought himself up. “Amazing,” he quipped, tone horribly sarcastic. “Truly.” Maybe the sarcasm would truly never end.

Despite the voice he chose to be in possession of, he continued watching her. Now she began walking but not towards him. Head lifted away from his hands in order to turn ever so slightly to follow her movements. While he could not be described as a hawk currently, his eyes never once lost track of their current target. He was as observant as ever, and it should not be taken lightly. “You may enjoy discussing certain topics with him,” Mayuri spoke honestly despite the tone of disgust he took on. That was, perhaps, the closest the captain could ever get to complimenting the blond. Even then, it was hardly accounted for as a true compliment. To him, though, it was the closest the shopkeeper could ever hope to get. Watching her, he turned subtly within his chair. Shifting his weight away from the desk, his arms now chose to cross loosely over his chest. Before divulging into a near epilogue, he did catch how she glanced out the window before back to him. That was a curious movement indeed, but it was not of much importance currently. It would not be ignored entirely, either. “I believe you know enough,” he stated after she made a small inquiry. Removing his arms from his upper body, he used both hands to place their selves upon the chair’s arms as he pushed himself out of it. It was not an entirely necessary action but was still done regardless. His arms thus replaced their selves back over his chest in an ever looser cross.

"You’re aware of his exile, correct?” he asked after a moment, turning his head towards her whilst body implied that of a haughty nature. While the Twelfth was aware of the exile itself being a farce, he still found himself entertained by the thought that Urahara was caught. It was more than enough to practically drown Mayuri’s ego in confidence, pride, and superiority.

Petite female didn’t mind the eyes on herself, neither implications it would carry, nor words spoken in acknowledgement to own queries and interpretations, the outlining of game playing out in front of witted minds fairly known since the first day they stepped up into the ring with each other and truly – that was what made it so enticing and on the other side would move the normally rather uncaring woman to try and pursue more and more different ways of unfolding the hidden core inside this very office. One very interesting point Milana had noticed over and over again while engaging into conversations with certain classes of beings, was the change and use of voice and intonation upon personal request, favor and interlocutor of wanted – merely also unwanted – choice. Kurotsuchi Mayuri was a curiosity in itself specifying this very simple external and palpable sign, actually quite fitting in conversation with Milana – truthfully – but never would this simple point be spoken out.

Own words ceased, his were taken into account, as well as the movements he would fulfill now, making their own situation and position equal in a way that word chosen for such movements was hardly a suitable one, but if the scientist would ask, Milana explaining had the simple understanding to follow that they both knew – a very own form of comprehension. Own head would tilt curiously at the now standing figure of the captain inside his own chambers, her hands had folded comfortably in the large sleeves of her attire, by now – obviously – a Shinigami’s uniform upon the solely reason that she wasn’t division-less anymore. It was there to know that the twelfth indeed was a possible choice of her joining the Gotei 13. No matter how – visually – unfitting the long-haired female might appear, but, in the end it went with certain favors and questions to move where she was now and if odds had stood in different favor might be that their personal relationship would not be as it was now.

When question was presented, slender form turned to face him completely, not without any reason, of course, but genuinely with one harder to decipher than turning attention on conversational partner. “I am, indeed.” Came as short and rather fast answer depending on languid amount of time passing between simple words filling air. “I just have to admit, knowledge as to why exactly this happened is nothing I can serve with.” It was a simple reason that this, obviously, important tidbit of background would be missing from her perception, was it nothing that could be called useful by her very own reason to pursue the depths of mind and knowledge, the twisted and turning corridors of grey matter aiding in recognition of the why and how. Rather presumptuous in a psychological analysis. But—- “I’m surprisingly sure you can enlighten me upon this matter, if we want to underline this little conversation.” —-there was no need for it.

“I am aware that those now leading the third, fifth as well as ninth division were amongst the ‘exiled’ as well.” There was another tilt of her head to a rather unexpected angle, exposing skin of neck that one reach for it would purposely pose a dangerous threat if allowed by female turning rather harmless question in deep inquiry, just pushing further and further as if using a drill to crack the surface of the earth. Appearing vulnerable was something laced into beautiful word, when strength was probably displayed – but this was not for her to decide, as this glance had a reason. Like everything else. “And I know they were exiled upon steps taken by the man called Aizen Sousuke, but that is truly my knowledge as of far. If you want me to analyze the points that happened in this story, you might give me information and I can provide you with my own pieces of the puzzle.” 

Jun 02
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Catch me; Kill me~


Before he would have managed to figure out why, his head jerked back and aside in reaction as undesirable as instinctive, thus hard to hold back even if he tried to. Obviously, there was some extent of pain while her nails were driving into his flesh, but not big enough to make him twitch back this sharply, nah — it was just a habit his body formed through years of living in constant alert, like a safety pin protecting him from further unpleasantness that used to follow such rapid movements. Maybe he could’ve dodged this attack if ever had any interest in it, although given that it has come from the right side — almost completely blind side in his case — that split-second later he noticed it closing in had taken its toll, proving him subject to such quick and sudden assault. Nothing new, yet still displeasing.

“Thanks for autograph.” A crooked smile distorted the narrow lips as his palm wandered upwards at rather languid pace to eventually get planted against the fresh signature spread across his neck in several vivid lines. Familiar scent of iron writhed through his nose, weak due to the insignificant amount of blood released but still easily recognizable in every another whiff of air that would be taken. He could feel multiple rills of warmth trickling between his fingers and further down, warmth of his own life fluids escaping the body just like rats escape a sinking ship. Not the first time, not the last — he had countless autographs like that. His body was seared with them, ineffaceable keepsakes of times long gone, story written in the raised scarring covering his skin being a rather sad one, in narrow places only interspersed with mementos of the former glory. “Nice piece to fill my collection. Even if I have no idea what it was meant to show that I wouldn’t know already…”

Damn right, he committed a raging blunder thinking that if she would attack, most likely would reach for the blade on her back. However, this mistake resulted in a view precious enough to make him forget about this dauntingly stupid blooper in the very second it unfolded before him — a sight to remember and feast the single eye on indeed, but also to cause a little ferment not only in his imagination. Monsters or not, these so called tagged, the kind he belonged to as well, sometimes occurred to be driven by surprisingly human impulses as for their notorious inhuman nature — so then, right here and right now infamous Predator found the whole scene more thrilling than he would ever admit it.

And he wasn’t going to wait long before would hit back.

“Now lemme clean this mess.”

Bloodied hand returning to rest idly at his side, now the other one has been raised — not to continue staunching the red trickles though. In single fluent move it reached the female killer’s wrist and wrapped around it, long digits digging into the skin alike to a hawk clawing at tender flesh of its prey. Without useless delay he tightened the hold on her arm a very bit just to lift it a few inches higher and, before a mere second had a chance to pass, lap own tongue over her palm. Several quick flicks cleaned the inside of her hand and he proceeded upwards, with tip of the tongue raking the incisions of joints and tracing the spidery lines engraved in the skin just to eventually plough between her fingers ever so longingly — everything in a time span not wider than a single breath would last before he released her arm same fast as it’s been caught.

It would come as no surprise if he’d have to face a heady backlash from her side now; she could seem uninterested or bored even, but how much longer was going to tolerate his blatant cruising for a bruising only hell would know. Not that he didn’t keep it in mind — he was absolutely aware of the danger kinda risky actions could bring in the aftermath and accepted it as a price to pay for that little bit of fun. However, for a man who fed on violence and adrenaline there was nothing more exhilarating in this world than to feel the breath of death on the neck which he liked to stick out against all reason — just like now.

Either he was a demonstrable idiot, or had a quite enormous death wish painted in bright letters on his forehead, but whatever it might be, Milana was everthing but not amused by that little display of daring payback when the large hunter proved to be just as fast as her much smaller and probably more agile form.

Moment he caught her wrist was ignored. Long-haired female, if ever had had the desire to do so, could have dodged it and pulled away, but maybe – she would admit it that much – was a bit too immersed in taste of blood trickling along her tongue to really actively react on the tall bloke in front of her, no matter if green narrowed eyes fixated on dirty form had been able to catch significant twitches and turns in muscles and tendons or not. Tagged had let him catch her, the price paid for this little farce was indeed her anger.

A smirk started to play on her lips, one that obviously was not meant to be cute or adorable, words taken into stranger’s mouth to disregard the warrior’s looks as innocent or apparently weak, while with stroke taken onto the much taller figure, she underlined the marked with very vivid colored letters a knowledge that his mind with obviously a bit too loose screws and lost marbles, would find even easier to understand – if he hadn’t gotten the hint by now, that is.

Well done.” Voice had changed considerably, something that was bordering between genius and insanity as thin as the edge of a freshly pulled out paper, a hairbreath in the air, cutting flesh in sweet pain. “Only, that the jumble created now will be impossible for you to clean.” Hand still hovering half in the air reached for the taller male’s attire, flicking a few times over rough material as if wiping away the traces of courageous encounter, just to release and halt back down only a tad higher, using one slender fingertip to draw a line over one of vivid marks crossing darker skin, methodically wandering down, lower and lower, hanging for very few seconds at the opening of his shirt – what could, obviously, mean that she was hooking inside it, but didn’t – to then draw a fine and featherlike line over broad, muscular chest.

She would be stupid if wouldn’t realize what he was feeling aside from lucid desire to loop her head off of well-toned body.

Aside from her little performance, slender female still didn’t reach for the long blade on her back, being a bit too invested in another remarkable trick learned over her time as one of the most dangerous killers wandering this country – and maybe outside of it as well. It would be boring if only steel or bullets could cause heavy injury, as well as well placed kicks or hits – no. There was something more subtle, frail and, if someone would be inclined to find such a word, elegant, when her, compared to his, lithe fingers wandered down, pressing here, pushing there, but obviously without any real harmful intention.

Until she found that spot.

Did you know—-“ And as felt as threatening as it was harmless. “—-that in medieval times, doctor’s invented to push pressure points to ensure safety, as well as harm.” The subtle release of fluids believed to endanger body and mind, would ensure to sometimes be a placebo effect on someone’s mind, but in other times to really release what would keep them from living. Especially around the head-region. But for now, petite hunter found the one exactly under his sternum. And even that she didn’t believe it would knock him out, as this desire would have been easier satisfied working with the ones under collarbone for their would be hidden the artery serving for brainfunction, it would move him. For how much, ah~ would be needed to decide on the push her frail hand had to condone on around two meter towering figure, but for the very measure of this slight endeavor and ‘answer’ upon his so well done clean-up—-

—-she could have sliced his neck with the former attack, and was using exactly as much strange now as if she really would.

May 25
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i’ll give you all i’ve got and then give you some more.


"Yeah…" A short nod would follow the word of confirmation, its strains as hushed and soft as if wanted to correspond with touch that inched slowly up the lenght of captains muscular arm, making tiny piles bristle up to its caress. Although topic they poked was rather grim, there was so much warmth, gentleness and acceptance in this scene neither of them could feel really affected by dour reflections it could bring. "Life ain’t fair, never was and never will be. We don’t carry weight of where we start, but where we end depends only on us… our choices, our mistakes, what that piece’a scrap we get will be forged into."

Intent gaze fixed on green hues across as though it wanted to drill dead-on into Milana’s head through the tight apertures of pupils. Day they met… Damn… How long it’s been? Helluva time… What felt like fucking eons soon was going to hit a year, full twelve months that passed between now and that memorable day when captain of Juuichibantai for the very first time met this intriguing and somewhat mysterious female — and immediately this day had been noted on the ragged pages of their story in red letters, blood-red letters, which set the beginning of something absolutely unique neither of them would’ve ever supposed to happen.

They were colliding, coming undone and then being drawn back together countless times, but from this chaotic fusion had been born an affection of massive degree, something he’d never nourished before towards anyone, with exception of little pink-haired kid. What he felt to Milana surely had a lot more dimensions, but results these two kinds of one feeling brought wouldn’t differ as much. Loyalty. Care. Need to protect. Need to give this special person his best, give them everything he only could and then some more, bleeding with this generosity until he’d bleed away own life, leaving a long trail of crimson love behind as he’d crawl back to the one that’s worth bleeding out.


"I’m sure what we forged is special indeed, given what we’ve had this year ago, hm?" His eyebrows arched slightly when captain continued, mellow smile on his lips propped up with one of stringy fingers, wrapped loosely around his chin. "Took a while, but it wasn’t wasted time. At least not for me. I don’t waste my time on things that ain’t special. So if I managed to make it same special for you, special enough to stamp this date on yourself like that, I’m…"


"…happy, yeah."

So it would be decided like this, wasn’t it? No need for time to search for date long lost and maybe never would come back, when female who wasn’t used or even prone to forget any little detail due to darkened and clouded past, would finally relish in the very fact of letting go something like this – of forgetting, yes, happily, and painting everything that had to do with their time together anew on herself – with this very date. With the very moment everything hidden in the depths of one’s mind came undone, just to be fixed in degree they never expected anyone could manage, was this very meeting and time that nearly was year behind something cherished, like every other moment. “And I regret nothing of what we went through.”

And even that it sounded so strangely from her lips – it was the pure truth.

And with this thought in mind, slight musings could be heard when petite female thought back, hand still on her significant other’s arm as if walking backwards the time they had spent together to the very date destiny had thrown such different and yet similar characters into the same ring, waiting for who would come out as the winner of such battle of minds, just to serve for a tie to grow in collective happiness.

A stop with fingertip right up at the crook of captain’s elbow as if she had found the very date of first glance laid onto each other. “February, 25th? Or 24th?” Words were brought forth quiet and hushed, while head tilted a tad and deep green eyes would rest on her own fingertips, drawing slight circles over muscles hidden beneath surprisingly soft skin. She wasn’t really sure anymore, the whole ‘endeavor’ needed not too much time back then, but surely enough to make her head spin. Was it the first or the second meeting? Was it evening, or the bright day? “25th.” Was what resounded with a bit more security just a few seconds later when mind finally had stopped the travel through times and memories, settling on some hidden knowledge that her normally very infallible remembrance would also now bring the desired detail.

But still – there was a small smile when attentive eyes would lift from the tender play and turn back towards her partner in choice, something lightening up those clear eyes that would still question if this day was what would combine them, and even bind her to him like all the small and big endeavors and meetings had done over the time, just to finally realize that they indeed belonged together.  Whatever date Kenpachi would confirm for her, would be her date of birth.

May 25
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taste-for-carnage: Is waiting for her to return home -- with three boxes of ice cream~

Ah, it was one of those really hot and annoying days, a good amount of work to do in companionship with many division-members who actually wanted to try and flee from the overly unbearing weather just as much as the petite female who still tried to smile for everyone and about everything, just like her own mentality told her to do.

Still it was draining because of the abnormally hot weather, and by the time Milana had finally finished her work, a slight headache had settled in for her, serving for a soft sigh and then groan to leave lightly parted lips, when everyone just waved goodbye and wished a nice evening. Honestly – today was one where she simply wanted to curl up on the large windowsill and relish in the cooling breeze of the evening.

Moment she entered home petite female couldn’t help but wonder about how calm it was – perfectly aware that her significant other was probably home already – just to catch a few seconds later the sound of quiet mewling and soft, low chuckles coming from direction of patio leading to the garden, something that for first made Milana tilt her head lightly and then smile. Whatever Kenpachi had with him, both of their kittens were highly interested in it, so likely it was something edible.

Mystery was lifted only a few moments later when she stepped onto the wooden ground leading to the porch, watching with slight amusement how Kuro tried to dive into the vanilla ice cream and Yuki found herself occupied with Kenpachi’s hand that was totally full of the sticky sweet stuff, all the while he was trying (during laughing) to push them both off as they had hunted the tall captain quite effectively.

A soft chuckle from herself made her partner turn around and glance at her with a mixture of mild warmth and right-out ‘help’ written on his face, so with a bit of effort Kuro was pried off him and turned up laid into her arms, like she would hold a baby and in the end he was nothing else. Yuki stopped when realized Milana’s presence and found it quite unfair~ that her little black companion was cuddled so freely and she wouldn’t get her own place and love, especially that she had waited all day long! for it.

So while both of them went to besiege the just arrived house-owner, captain of Juuichibantai was finally capable of rightfully sharing the ice cream. Happening now in slight turns between himself and Milana (who he needed to feed indeed) but large bought boxes were finally coming to intended use.

Quite perfect, for such a hot day.~

May 25
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ebony & ivory


Major part of his focus stocks afforded to the tiny creature he nestled in arms Kenpachi more heard than actually noticed that his partner already made it to the kitchen, hardly out of the corner of his only uncovered eye taking note of the things going on around. That’s why, even while seemed immersed deep in whispering soothing (and completely random) phrases to the kitten’s ear, without fail he picked up the moment Milana appeared in the vicinity of the couch. With mild smile lightening his usually sullen features Jūichibantai taichō raised head slowly, careful to not startle the furry contents of his embrace. Keen stare immediately alighted upon the aromatic morsels of meat she brought along — so did the kitten’s, twitchy nose surfacing from the folds of Kenpachi’s kosode in search for the source of such tempting smell.

That little guy would use a substantial amount of eats and snacks was ever so obvious. Kenpachi barely could feel the weight of its tiny body against his forearm as he’s been propping up the kitten while it was busy filling the shrunken stomach — urgently yet with every moment more trustfully reaching out for food. Sight of the small animal stuffing itself so furiously made Kenpachi chuckle quietly as well as his eyebrow drive upwards at the loose thought that if the pace of devouring another and another bit would be kept, kitten that not so long ago tried to squirm out of his hold and flee soon would simply be physically unable to do so even if wanted.

Since Milana was taking care of the gastronomical part, Kenpachi didn’t want to stay idle either — there he proceeded to the hygiene service which kitten surely needed in extent bigger than he could actually perform here. It wasn’t matter of that the kitten was a heck of dirty — it was easy and quick to deal with. Nah, there was other trouble he wanted to shoot — a bunch of guests that certainly haven’t been invited to their house. He felt them before, recognizable under fingertips drowned into the black coat while he was trying to keep the wriggly animal in hold, but it required a lot calmer situation to get rid of them. Such occurred now, so long digits raked through the fur once again, inch by inch dragging the skin underneath in order to seek out and destroy.

First intruder had been found fast; short blink of the single eye had given a sign of fruitful hunt and in next to no time Kenpachi already was at it, with brow furrowed in concentration twisting fingers amongst the fur just to pull out from it a fair-sized tick a moment later and not without some wicked satisfaction grind it out against the tabletop, in the meantime making sure it didn’t survive in less than at least two parts. Similar fate met a handful of other undesirable ‘stowaways’ hidden in various places on the kitten. Surface of the table now resembled more a small battlefield or playground of some crazy serial murderer than actual place to set the cup with afternoon tea and bag with cookies, yet no one would’ve been bothered by it — what mattered most was that all that crud didn’t residue on the kitten anymore. Mess made in the process would get cleaned the same fast as had been made.

“I’d take ‘im to Retsu. She could take a look.” Done with mass executions, Kenpachi stroked the little guy behind the twitchy ears and looked back at his significant other, in rather careless manner pointing with his thumb at the mutilated bodies piled up on the table. “And maybe splay some antiseptic stuff over the places he had these fuckers hitched in.”

Full up with food and soothed with companionable touch, kitten didn’t wiggle as much as before. Last half-hearted attempts to squeeze out from Kenpachi’s hold also ended quickly since — with unfaltering patience — he was rolling the untamed ball of fur back into the crook of his elbow every time it tried to climb up and out from it. Given that little animal was much more at ease now, it shouldn’t be too difficult to pass it through a short check-up — especially since there was Yuki living with them too, and one cat to de-flea and put back to order is always less trouble than two. 

She didn’t really mind the hygienically part of the whole encounter, while everything Kenpachi was actually killing so decidedly onto the table could be pushed off later and cleaned away, by now the small being so contentedly eating one bit after the next needed more attention than wooden surface that could be scoured in not even a minute. The small ‘battlefield’ fanning out besides them was all the much notice enough that the little kitten now nearly falling asleep, even that was still rather twitchy, was indeed a stray and had maybe not seen many nice days before arriving – accidentally – at their shared home. It could be called some strange destiny for the black ball of fur that run exactly in them both, or better after hunted bear, but surely wouldn’t be the worst thing it ever encountered and both of them would make sure that it would be the best choice ever in its short life.

Moment little furball was actually full until it didn’t even want to smell the appetizing bits anymore was when Kenpachi’s voice reached her ears ever so soothingly and a slight nod from her side was given. “Sounds like a good idea.” Even that petite female knew that the captain of Yonbantai was likely not in charge of something like this, the gentle leader would probably look over the little creature without any word of dismiss. He was just too cute to not try and care about and look after him and now when he curled up in the large males hold, was all the much more worth the slight endeavors and change of daily plan. Looked like it finally gained a good amount of trust.

It was in this very moment that a white head surfaced beside Milana’s side, carefully and curiously stretching itself with twitching nose onto the padded surface, obviously quite enticed by still present smell of everything their new guest didn’t want to devour anymore, but also by the small kin itself that Yuki was capable of patting a few minutes before and scared so much that it nearly tried to leave actually safe place in a hurry. But now seemed calm enough that she maybe could try again.

This also happened, with surprisingly much care, the large ball of white fluff – at least much larger than the little being in Kenpachi’s hold – swung herself onto the couch and sat besides both of them, her tall master as well as being she had scared and startled so much a few moments before, while now she looked all too sullen and self-scolding, surprisingly even so much for a cat could feel this way. One hand of Milana reached out to scratch behind the pointy snow-colored ears and this was probably enough encouragement that with careful steps her fluffiness went to sit on her male master’s lap and cuddle somewhat close to the other being, now getting a quiet purring  (still reluctant, so much could be heard) of acknowledgement out of the depths of loose folds of kosode wrapped around the tiny body.

Apparently they would grow warm with each other over the time – or Yuki had already fulfilled some form of cat-like adoption, whatever it was, it was quite an adorable sight to behold.

“Maybe we should get Unohana-san to visit here?” It was a quiet musing but still loud enough to understand, after all the little kitten needed to be taken care off, but by now it was dozing peaceflly in the tall captain’s hold, right next and nearly curled up in some large fluffy white fur that had moved itself to occupy place of care as well as turn into some quite effective shield against whoever wanted to pet the little adoptive brother Yuki had just chosen for herself. “Or we need to move Yuki with him together.” A chuckle and Milana pushed herself upright, catching away the pieces of meat, as well as with a short glance to the table, decided to clean up self-made battlefield as long as Kenpachi would need time to think about what next steps to take.

Bringing their new little fellow to Unohana Retsu sounded like a good idea, they only needed to decide how exactly.