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eyes practice sheet.

left Kenpachi, right Milana

i like my new brush mhm

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taste-for-carnage: Time he had left before leaving to juuichibantai was pretty tight, but not enough so that Kenpachi couldn't allow some of it to be spent on preparing a little breakfast set. Before the door closed behind his back he left it on the table, out of the reach of curious kittens -- just for Milana to enjoy when she will wake up.

It was a rather hard week for sure.

New recruits, massive work to do, filling up reports, division members from one and from another squad asking for transfer, others asking for some advice regarding what they should do and what would be the best if they wanted to have this or that part in their schedule and as a skill. In some kind of pretty abnormal way (well, not really), Milana had just managed to become an overall advisor for half of the division – her own captain sometimes included, which she probably had to thank for this little ‘favor’ as it was that Ukitake was the first one ever who came to know about her perception and the way to help that was rather normal for her.

So it came that many asked after it, and even that petite female wouldn’t mind it normally, over the time it actually became rather – tiresome. It wasn’t bothering at all, no one should ever think like this, it was merely a bit too much, being on the fact of asked every hour after something, and even that in this certain time she would always reply with a smile and cheerful, the moment came to the late hours dark-haired female’s mind begun to wander and she felt a little drained.

Of course he knew.

The evening was a rather calm one, being curled up by his side, carefully did he stroke her hair back, nothing happened aside from those very calm and very gentle hours spent together, while Milana indeed ‘tried’ to stay awake, but managing to do so was rather impossible, one time after another lids would fall close and she drifted off in a soft slumber, twitching just a little bit later awake before words hushed and soothing told her to sleep and her body complied in the very second.

Being so fast and deep asleep like now was rare, not even being able to detect when her partner would get up and leave, exhausted as she was would she just curl around and a little closer to the now her accompanying kittens that had found their way inside the bedroom, apparently being hushed away by their male guardian and now seeking Milana and a few cuddles to start the day.

It was a good while later she would move and find a little clumsy way out of the bedroom, what was happening merely because she was lead by rather enticing smell from the kitchen. Even that the two fur balls might have not been chased away by the towering captain, most likely they got bored and a little grumpy upon the fact that whatever was smelling there so nicely was very likely out of reach of their ever-hungry mouths. It seemed even kitten could pout.

A smile was her immediate response to the view in their main living space (aside from living room itself), and not even a minute later would she find her way to actually indulge in well-made breakfast, glancing around all too curiously. Not because Milana would wonder where he was, but mainly because petite female was looking up the ingredients still in the cooking area.

If not breakfast together, then maybe lunch~

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random love~

// pets and clings to and loves on and hiya jovi-dear, all the good back for you, and everyone should love you too~ <3

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taste-for-carnage: like hell is supporting boobs. B]

// like hell actually saw this

// and is very sure that there is only one pair of boobs he supports

// and is pretty sure that she knows exactly which ones 8)

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Milana:it's really adorable omg
Milana:let's adopt him 8D
Pachi:YES XD
Pachi:omg i already imagine that poor abarai sitting with kenpachi on left and milana on right XD
Pachi:and looking awkward XD
Pachi:and then kittens with their judging stares XD
Milana:and milana just:
Milana:'pet the kittens, they are nice~'
Milana:and kittens just HISSING XD
Pachi:omg yes
Pachi:and renji is like: ....have i?
Pachi:kittens: B\ B/
Milana:and when he comes close, they just pull away from him
Milana:B/ B\
Pachi:yep and abarai is just:
Pachi:I TRIED ;w;
Pachi:pachi: try more.
Pachi:kittens: all the hissing and grumpy faces XD
Milana:poor abarai LOL
Milana:but it would be so cute
Milana:imagine his face when kittens are like: noe~
Pachi:and then like: omg please only for a second lemme touch you only with one little finger even and we both will have peace ok just cooperate
Pachi:kittens: noe.
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thekingisrunning: Shinigamis were allowed to roam as they 'pleased', a mock idea of even payment was the Espada roaming the domain of the Death Gods- Uncaring of the consequences did the Sexta roam until his sight landed upon a woman. Slowly fading away from the heavens to stand before the other, the grin of the self proclaimed King befell the other. "-Looks like I got caught." Uncaring as always, his words mocked the other as did his eyes and grin.

"Well, this would mean that I tried to catch you, no?" Green eyes travelled over the taller form of the being now standing right in front of her, twisted grin adorning his face was nothing that would put the petite female off in any way, nothing that would shock or even slightly frighten her to the point she would cover and hide from the actual ‘intruder’ – if he really was one.

Glance lurched up and down, taking into consideration everything she could see, male was actually easily to be deciphered as an Arrancar, the mask-fragment, the outfit, the hollow hole in his stomach, he seemed rather self-aware, no need to hide and no real want to either, and from what Milana could catch up on him, blue-haired being was high ranked and powerful. A tilt of her head followed as well as a smile. If the man would want to attack, he would have done long ago, no?

It wasn’t often Arrancar would roam around the Shinigami’s premises, not because – after the war after all – they were automatically hostile against what should be called a former enemy, mainly because distrust was a ‘quality’ hard to lose.

Milana herself had indeed taken up the time and also possibility to actually visit the desert kingdom, before as well as after the war, but never had she met the foreign traveler now taking up a conversation she hadn’t even induced, truly, she would not have mentioned a word to him even that – and this was true – smaller female had realized his presence. She still smiled while verdant eyes searched his blue ones, folding her hands lightly and tugging them away in the opposite parts of her kimono-sleeves.

He had caught her in the 13th division, one of those not entirely negative towards an Arrancar’s – or better Espada’s – approach. Words leaving were soft and soothing was there no actual reason to be ridiculing or condescending towards him; a true genuine question.

“Is there something I can help you with?”

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Oi, my soul already goes to Undertaker and Starrk. I don’t have enough souls to go around!

Alright, alright~ that’s enough soul-sharing I suppose~

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I will so long as you promise not to eat my soul with your coffee in the morning

Ah~ on this muse I only have selected souls - yours is atm not under them, but we can likely change it~

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Rly not? Then welcome, welcome - enjoy your stay~

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jovaaay started following you

My, aren’t you lost?

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Catch me; Kill me~


“It amuses you, doesn’t it?” He snarled through the corner of the mouth as it stretched out and upwards to let a grin, rather ugly in appearance, cross his face with its skewed crack. This creepily soft tone of her didn’t make the blood freeze in his veins, oh no. It made it seethe; made it boil and fume, as though water had been poured on the surface of thick acid. However, it was not anger that surged in his arteries — more a kind of stir, a rustle of whispering instincts that in what seemed like a second sharpened senses and put whole his entity into a state of high readiness for whatever action would be needed. “Playing like that, trying to provoke, to give me a thrill of fear maybe…?” Mass of heavy dreadlocks had twisted around his neck like tentacles of some ancient beast when he turned head to send a long look over the shoulder. Disturbed by the movement, tiny bells laced in the hair tingled ever so quietly, giving away this glance. If not for their gentle sound there would be not a merest hint of move at the Predator’s frame, still rooted in one place like some morbid palm tree. “Heh… Give it up.”

Rank X… What the hell an X was doing wasting time on ones like this goddamned salesman, or Kenpachi himself…? Was it possible this woman was sent for his head…? She didn’t look like someone who was short for cash and had to earn their living in urgent mode… Who’d paid her to hunt him? Once again he regarded her over the pitch-black panes of his glasses, penetrating, intent stare inching over the potential enemy in order to figure out the true intentions that has been hidden beneath that somewhat frivolous façade she was displaying. A bit of teasing, a bit of threatening — everything in a way all too subtle as for one who simply needed to waste their target and exchange it for appreciable amount of fresh money. How nicely in sync it stayed with the air of dignity and refined elegance that surrounded her in way almost reachable for senses, this specific aura she wore like a perfume and maybe like a perfume meant to attract too—

Attract prey, just like rafflesia is attracting flies.

Somehow, this kind of women reminded him of this species — beautiful, yet you’re better off on distance from them.

…Not necessarily because of smell, though.

“Uncommon sight, such high-ranked one dabbling with ones like this measly-ass merchant…” Languorous tilt of head allowed a long chain to be pulled out slowly and with quiet clank a pair of tags had been revealed. Eyebrows raised slightly, he gave them a listless glance; a last checkout before the hand a light chain was wrapped around had been extended in rather slovenly manner to let the information held by dangling metal plates be seen and taken in. “…or me. Don’t you have something more challenging to hunt than mere A/1, in addition half-blind?”

Yeah, it was nothing but giving enemy a spot to strike, a head start before the fight has even begun. He didn’t give a good goddamn. Sometimes happens that most handicapped horse is winning the race; Zaraki Kenpachi was exactly such kind of man — full of nasty surprises just like a drink with shattered glass put instead of ice. Patch of ragged flesh where the right eye should be was only one of countless marks his body was seared with, yet one of few visible on the first look if not covered with eyepatch or — like now — hidden beneath the black glassy surface.

“Do you want to slit my throat? Come on, do it.” With this a lingering step in her direction had been taken, chain with tags sliding past the crooked smirk to hide back in the depths of his attire. Well aware that woman standing in front of him can and, if teased into it, will kill him, he still was ins and outs confident, cocky even, with unfading smile and dry irony lacing each single tone composing a prelude to his symphony of destruction. “I even have special lines you can trace while doing it, would be such a shame if it turned out lopsided~”

Another step and a short pause, filled mainly with low sigh of somewhat jaded nature.

“Would it make you feel satisfied, killing someone like me? I don’t seek death, though what I have is a travesty of life I still hold it dear… But if you want trash to move out of your way, you need to kick it aside.” One eyebrow had raised in a derisory fleer. “Oh, maybe you get your kicks from kicking trash? How it is, eh?”

Oh he was provoking. How annoying.

Female hunter indeed preferred her prey to be actually calm and show abundant amount of skills, instead of talking her ears full with loads of bullshit she was able to hear in smallest and most scrapped bars tiny towns fringing trade-mark streets had to offer. Tall bloke talked much, in addition unnecessary stuff, knowing fairly well that bickering with someone Rank X death might come faster than the eye can blink. There weren’t many of them after all.


—-it merely brought to mind rank-specific knowledge how to rise or merely fall in cage filled with ravishing beasts, tearing apart every single piece of bloodied flesh thrown towards ripping and wrenching teeth. X, A, B, C, D. Easy as child’s play, if you wanted to move up, kill at least ten pertaining same level as yourself, get it acknowledged, your tag will rise, once you’ve done this, numbers accompanying display of utter crashing strength are your moments of lucky survival; someone took you on – you lost, managed to keep that bit of useless spirit inside rotten flesh and carried on, not without shameful mark carved into piece of silver-sparkling steel. 

How to erase unsightly disdain marking brutal remainder of your own strength?

Kill the one who gave it to you.

He was in so much wrong with absolutely everything as assumptions in combination with petite fighter would have to take into account possible truth accompanied with everyone of their kind – truly, they tag along after certain persons head money was raised on, but not all of them were in actual ‘need’ of it – especially not when they already reached rank marking them as hell’s spawn walking in disguise could be miscalled for angel. Give him the thrill of fear—-? Milana would have nearly laughed at it. – Nearly.

“All is wrong.” Up to the last piece of words uttered by unkempt barbarian was it false information gathered over years when he probably had to do with load that was called the ‘usual’ in their branch of killers and assassins – executioner as they were hired by the private men or the army itself. “I’m neither after the merchant, nor after you – or both of you would be dead by now.” Nothing more than truth, when close in of distance served for the raise of one delicate eyebrow. He was quite high on his horse, wasn’t he?

“Don’t think too highly of yourself, I’m not in need of any kind of money that I would take on a dog who can likely only bark…” A smile. “…but not bite~” One more step was taken, when crooked arrangement of own slender form was brought back up like pulling spring in distraught straightened position, without any hindrance taking up the way still around him, turning – willingly even so – her back towards his imposing figure. “A/1, hm?”

Maybe it was time to ditch out some knowledge~

“Can only mean that someone with A-Rank or someone of my rank hit you on.” Disregarding the first statement was easy, even with predators attire in place, Milana was easily able to see more than only his face-trademark scar crossing muscular body, everyone who apparently tried was already pushing up the daisies, fairly sure was it what her mind was telling so that one glance over raised shoulder was accompanied by merely twisted smile. Eyes half lidded – hair moving slowly in upcoming breeze. Yes – she was a tease, she was a threat.


“I know - with me - only three of the level I sport.” Dainty hands were still folded halfway down her back, encaging the over lengthened steel embellishing female’s back, when another swaying step was taken. “This unsightly number is surely not from me.” The eerily sound of her voice was getting a soft sing-sang with every new word uttered, like morbid and deadly lullaby, when over would throw your body and mind to rest almost instantly – and ad infinitum. It wasn’t a joke when people said that with every new rank and with every fight a bit of sanity would be lost – every single one of them just had a few loose screws.

“Kaname Tousen?” The name left with a small shrug, pouty frown ruffling delicate features up in nearly innocently painted mask. “He is too high to even remotely bother with scum like you.” Still no turn, still no sign that there was any acknowledgement of potential danger – males name she had brought forth second ago was only known to brunette with even this, had he given up his former ‘job’ to demolish the fact over cowardly uselessness armies were made off by now. Dark-skinned male was a general now, no? At least this was what Susto knew about.


U n o h a n a R e t s u?” The name left eerily and finally petite body twisted back to face him fully, as well as retracting her hand in front of herself, expansive gesture of slender arms as if she would move puppets in a marionette’s play, just to fold long and lithe fingers in front of herself, all this accompanied by the tilt of her head to the right side, strike point given with neck exposed – picturesque. “I haven’t seen her in a long time, ah~ is she well?” Green eyes took in every change, every oh-so-subtle motion displayed in potential enemy, closing in distance to have the first strike, probably because such a fine and pristine body like hers seemed as if would hold no strength.

If Milana hit with bizarre assumption, then he should know that all this was just a beautiful façade.

And in the moment – her eyes darkened. “Trash is probably everything you are, and will ever be – no, I have no business with you, getting myself dirty one someone as worthless as you would be a waste of time.” A chuckle. “I don’t play with those who beg to die.” Twisted situation of provocation and tease, pulling back, driving forth, when in nothing but the mere blink of an eye she was at his side again, staring up, still with those half-lidded tempting eyes, lurid grin representing gift child is not supposed to open any time soon – but without a weapon taken, she would neither.

“You are worthless.” For money - and for time. And this was all she said while turning to leave. 

Mar 13
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taste-for-carnage: Is sitting in the kitchen and feeding kittens with pieces of salmon. When notices Milana coming in, tries to feed her too. B)

Sounds known to be all around the day in various versions, interval and amplitude was right away now reaching petite females ear when entered mutual home shared with captain of Juuichibantai as well as two fury companions they had gathered over the last maybe half year in one way expected and one pretty much not. 

Source of overall concert of mewling, hissing, meowing, several noises of clatter and rattle and clanking as well as low chuckle could be located by keen ear brunette female always was in possession, to be in the kitchen, place of destination Milana was driving to rather decidedly with good load of new food in large basket under her armpit. 

Picture unfolding seemed like a small war~ And luckily she had already put basket aside.

Might be that brunette actually wanted to comment on everything going on, merely wasn’t able to do it anymore because of large piece of salmon dangling right in front of her nose, when tall warrior had just straightened his towering form to get up to the task of feeding another ‘kitten’ in their common home. 

Scrunch of nose.

Not that she didn’t like salmon.

But there was the preference of cooking ingredients to not be raw. A sigh and without another word petite female went to feed something in return, mainly a piece of the cake she had prepared in the morning when Kenpachi had already left the house. After kind of diversionary maneuver seemed to work, time for escape was set right through the kitchen, not after snatching piece of salmon to hand it to Kuro.

And now she could make dinner~

Mar 07
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taste-for-carnage: // pets his kitten~ // Better now? =w=


"Yes, much better~"

// purrs happily~

"I will come up with a nice nickname for you in return~"

Mar 06
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Anonymous: O~CTO~PUSSS Bd [too lazy to log in properly~]



"I’m going to make fried squid rings out of you."

/: \: /:

"I’m pretty sure the kittens will be happy about it~"



"…Thought ya detest physical violence. So how it is in the end, hm~?”

"The end justifies the means, no?"

// cue smile

"I just don’t like that nickname - but if you seem to find it so nice, I believe I can live with it."

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