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          “It is to some people impolite to stare.”

      Curiosity begot onlookers, curious minds buzzing and clawing at one’s inner workings as legs brought them toward the source of it and lips brought on musing of ones mind. The causality of his wave was there was well as the tone of a saint with the lethal aftertaste of a demon hidden within the velvet- A tip of his hate toward the woman whom was not human, for no woman was of such an readable reek of decomposition.

                    “However, it seems you are lost. Perhaps, if I have time, I can aide you.”

                    At a cost.

If he had time, he can aide her.

What a pretentious notion, she had to admit, was the Shinigami neither searching for help nor for any aide he might be able to give her, the only reason she had stopped by, a very simple one. One that indeed for the dark-haired female was all the source for wonderment upon encountering another being.

He was able to see her, nothing more.

And for all the time she had spent in the Human World on missions, Milana was highly capable of deciphering when someone had an eye on her person, or was simply looking through her. 

Head tilted lightly to the other side, smile attached to her lips and no point of her thoughts given free. Utmost control of emotions, expressions and movements, but the gentleman in front of her would likely find more things to wonder about.

"Not really, no." It was an answer to unspoken question, when hands folded in the long sleeves of her attire. “I merely wonder about your ability to see me, my way back home is known without a problem. There are other things that make curiosity grow.” And frankly - she couldn’t care less about feeling of impolite behavior.

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Partner… Wait a second. The man paused to blink and tilt his head, then leaned closer to her with a squint. What? 

"Oh… so yer like, his field partner or somethin’? I didn’t know Taichou had a field partner. I thought he did his shit all on his own."

Rubbing the back of his neck, nails scratching his scalp for a second, he tried to scrounge around his brain for some kind of understanding of what she meant. Well- she was cute. He couldn’t blame Kenpachi for that. But… Partner…


"Oh-!" Shit! "OOOOH! OH! Shit! Now I getcha!”

He suddenly distanced himself from her, arms up in defense, “Sorry, pretty lady! Shit- I hope I didn’t offend you or nothin’. You shoulda boxed my ears ‘fer that! Haha! Oh- well. I still wouldn’t mind waitin’ with ya if ya want,” he began fidgeting where he was, trying to avoid eye contact for a moment while he regathered himself, “and I promise ta behave myself now. Eheh.”

Field partner, hm? It was amusing and a gentle smile just curled up her lips, when she basically could follow the thought process of her interlocutor, from being very confident, to confused, to actually half in panic the moment he understood what she meant with ‚partner‘.

When the knowledge half exploded in front of her, one hand raised and a soft laugh escaped, that quickly moved itself in something louder, as Milana wasn’t someone to hold her amusement back, it seemed kind of rude to literally laugh about him – but maybe it would add to the point that she indeed didn’t mind.

“Partner, as in boyfriend, yes.” The laughter had stopped, and herself had calmed down, green eyes glancing over him shortly and with something that could be deciphered an astute little smile, but it wasn’t meant in any negative way. “And it’s alright, don’t worry. If the way you would have talked to me wouldn’t have been to my liking, you would have realized it already~”

She was one of those people who liked to play a little with those around her, seeing how far they would move ‘out of the window’ before realizing that their behavior might be out of place. And in the end – she didn’t mind at all. “Furthermore you don’t need to worry, I would like that you still keep me company for a little more~”

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Catch me; Kill me~


It took some effort to hold back the twitch his body nearly gave in to at the sound of this name, yet he managed to quell it, that almost automatic reaction to the row of nasty memories that flashed through his head in a narrow second. Unohana Retsu. What a lurid sentiment was sealed in these mere two words, which would make his brow furrow and jaws clench tight underneath the skin with hearable grate as ivory masses met in bitter grind. This name… Sound of this name was like a kick in mental balls, a dry reminder not of his weakness only but of untamed foolishness as well, this unswerving self-assurance which made him succumb to some ridiculous belief he’s invincible. Yeah, he had the nerve bordering on sheer madness, and when such promising opponent appeared on the horizon he didn’t have even a half of thought to back out.

Fight her, they were saying. You’ll jump a rank higher, they were saying. Why not to grasp on the profits if they’re in your very reach?, they asked. It’s just one woman.

Never again he’s going to listen to anyone.

“I hope she is…” He cracked a wry smile, physically being here but in some way deprived of marrow, alike to a window with no light behind or shell that’s empty and dry since long time. One can lose identity, selling self left and right — he had no choice. That wretched woman ruined him in more than just one way, with meticulous cruelty turned the man who had earthly perspectives to become one of the most desired and best paid assassins into a wreck of the former glory, pulled him down back where he belonged. It’s not that he didn’t have a slightest chance to win, nah — he even managed to cut her, the only wound that ever had been afflicted on this immaculate ivory flesh. But he’d lost. Lost in way the more humiliating that was left with that shameful number carved in steel one had to wear like a label. It all was tedious to live with, but teeth he broke on her were taking long to grow out. “Would be too bad if someone offed her before me.”

Did he beg to die? Nope. He just liked to have things clear.

There’s no use for broken tools. They’re nothing but—

“Trash is probably everything you are, and will ever be. You are worthless.”

“Heh—! Don’t tell me you really think you’re the first person I hear that from.” Another step had been taken, lingeringly so, bringing towering frame of the Predator closer once again, bitter half-grin spread even wider in response to the words said. Unexpectedly, given the rather tense situation and overall atmosphere of artfully delayed melee, his palm slowly slid down from the bandaged hilt just to rest tamely at his side, bony fingers patting at the thigh in serene dance. “Fucking boring. One time tell me something else, just for fun.”  

If she thought he’s ever going to let her go so easily she couldn’t be more wrong. Not because he desired to kill her; he didn’t as much anymore, woman in front of him being far too entertaining to be such commonly wiped out (not without a considerable risk of his own life too), and even if — it could wait. There was something in her presence, in her whole attitude that intrigued him badly and with some degree of self-disdain he caught himself on thoughts which — as a well-experienced contract killer in particular — he shouldn’t have right here and right now.

“Your stuck-up talk doesn’t affect me, madame X.” Not even within a heartbeat he was hardly a step behind her, looming in her shadow when only she turned away, distance kept only big enough to not touch her accidentally — instinct as well as sheer experience were telling him it might end damn bad, especially with such predacious individual. She wasn’t easy to put off the balance, he had to admit, but if he would manage at last current position was giving him a one more advance. If she eventually decided to reach for that fancy blade, maybe he’d manage to grab it first, or at least block it halfway. Maybe. However, so far she didn’t seem exceptionally hostile. More playing, not to say provocative. Fiddling around, where aim of this little game still remained unknown for him. “No matter how pounding you’ll try make it, ye’ petty words aren’t enough to make me feel any more worthless.”

Well, broken tools might be worthless, but you can still cut your hands on their edges.

—Or at least trip over them.

Insanity was such a delightful sounding word, with a very fine and clear ring to it, like water in a crystal stream, cold and pure like only the heaven could give it, this was – indeed – insanity. And they said, those who were genius, border and balance on this very thin line back and forth, from reality and normalcy to a grotesque farce burning a beautiful painting as if the canvas was mere paper. When to this very notion of one’s peculiar mind, came knowledge capable of figuring out each piece of information in nothing more than a few seconds, a dangerous combination was born – paired and adorned even with abnormal and inhumane skill.

The petite female, still smiling over her shoulder, at the large predator spewing out the very few words of unwanted fashion, was exactly one of those tools. As nothing more they were, indeed. Sent to kill and hunt, capable of fighting with swords in a gun-fight, killing and erasing from the earths beautiful face complete squads as a single being. They are tagged, hunters, predators, monsters. And the barbaric figure stood right in front of one of the worst.

Words, smile, and hollow glance from single eye – she hit perfectly. It was Retsu who brought him that mark. Nothing more Milana needed to know.

Stuck-up talk. She had heard this before, just as much as he had the very tirade of his worthlessness, interweaved in finely spoken words – like a lullaby sung to a child or lover when they were upset, just that this very one was like from the sirens, trying to lure in brave traveler just to kill them a little later, like they nearly managed with Butes, one of the very follower of Orpheus, nearly dying if not for another goddess holy help. She was just like this, and even when he would try to make her believe, everything said was reaching deaf ears, not an ounce of belief would be given, when the towering form was drawing a deadly shadow over her frail existence.

How daring.

“Is it so ~?” She couldn’t care less, the position they had right before, when she only had glanced at him over her shoulder and then looked away, was regained when pressure looming behind her might be a tad too much for every other warrior crossing the realms where salesmen and rich nobles were flaunting their unnecessary existence around. Might be that anyone else would have attacked, but it wasn’t the assassin’s aim, nor even interest at all. He tried to block her, and would maybe be capable of doing so, if there was any desire to attack at all - or with her sword. “What might damage you more then? Another one of those fancy scars adorning your rather unsightly and dirty visage?” Not only number in question, but highly likely that adorable trademark was also part of encounter with one of class X.

Like trying to play with a Lamia, known for beauty and strength, normally calm beings if provoked enough, the end would close like an iron fist around the attractor’s throat, only so that they could feast on the fresh blood of said unimportance in life.

“If this is what you wish—-“ No reach for the long steel on her back, no interest in even trying to gain the upper hand with object of choice that very likely could slash barbaric hunter in half without much of an effort, when her right hand, side she was turned towards him if only slightly, reached up to close around his throat in mixture of gentle caress and threatening death-sentence, fingertips digging in muscular flesh with too much strength for petite body to hide, only to make a few scratches appear in equally fast fashion.

It all didn’t even take a few seconds, and slender hand was already back at her side, reaching up lightly just a bit later and travelling to her face in, what seemed to be, absentminded fashion. Pink tongue darted out, licking over bloodied fingertips similar to cherishing the taste of a good meal. A Lamia indeed for the mythological figure, but then she wasn’t any of this. There were a few rather sarcastic and sadistic colleagues who would favor the taste of their prey’s blood, but for her that was just waste of precious time and recourses.

One flick of tongue – another one ~

And there was indeed no word said, just glance out of those deep green eyes, half-lidded, staring up at the other’s form as if waiting for suitable reaction of any degree. Watching – and waiting. 

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eyes practice sheet.

left Kenpachi, right Milana

i like my new brush mhm

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taste-for-carnage: Time he had left before leaving to juuichibantai was pretty tight, but not enough so that Kenpachi couldn't allow some of it to be spent on preparing a little breakfast set. Before the door closed behind his back he left it on the table, out of the reach of curious kittens -- just for Milana to enjoy when she will wake up.

It was a rather hard week for sure.

New recruits, massive work to do, filling up reports, division members from one and from another squad asking for transfer, others asking for some advice regarding what they should do and what would be the best if they wanted to have this or that part in their schedule and as a skill. In some kind of pretty abnormal way (well, not really), Milana had just managed to become an overall advisor for half of the division – her own captain sometimes included, which she probably had to thank for this little ‘favor’ as it was that Ukitake was the first one ever who came to know about her perception and the way to help that was rather normal for her.

So it came that many asked after it, and even that petite female wouldn’t mind it normally, over the time it actually became rather – tiresome. It wasn’t bothering at all, no one should ever think like this, it was merely a bit too much, being on the fact of asked every hour after something, and even that in this certain time she would always reply with a smile and cheerful, the moment came to the late hours dark-haired female’s mind begun to wander and she felt a little drained.

Of course he knew.

The evening was a rather calm one, being curled up by his side, carefully did he stroke her hair back, nothing happened aside from those very calm and very gentle hours spent together, while Milana indeed ‘tried’ to stay awake, but managing to do so was rather impossible, one time after another lids would fall close and she drifted off in a soft slumber, twitching just a little bit later awake before words hushed and soothing told her to sleep and her body complied in the very second.

Being so fast and deep asleep like now was rare, not even being able to detect when her partner would get up and leave, exhausted as she was would she just curl around and a little closer to the now her accompanying kittens that had found their way inside the bedroom, apparently being hushed away by their male guardian and now seeking Milana and a few cuddles to start the day.

It was a good while later she would move and find a little clumsy way out of the bedroom, what was happening merely because she was lead by rather enticing smell from the kitchen. Even that the two fur balls might have not been chased away by the towering captain, most likely they got bored and a little grumpy upon the fact that whatever was smelling there so nicely was very likely out of reach of their ever-hungry mouths. It seemed even kitten could pout.

A smile was her immediate response to the view in their main living space (aside from living room itself), and not even a minute later would she find her way to actually indulge in well-made breakfast, glancing around all too curiously. Not because Milana would wonder where he was, but mainly because petite female was looking up the ingredients still in the cooking area.

If not breakfast together, then maybe lunch~

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random love~

// pets and clings to and loves on and hiya jovi-dear, all the good back for you, and everyone should love you too~ <3

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taste-for-carnage: like hell is supporting boobs. B]

// like hell actually saw this

// and is very sure that there is only one pair of boobs he supports

// and is pretty sure that she knows exactly which ones 8)

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Milana:it's really adorable omg
Milana:let's adopt him 8D
Pachi:YES XD
Pachi:omg i already imagine that poor abarai sitting with kenpachi on left and milana on right XD
Pachi:and looking awkward XD
Pachi:and then kittens with their judging stares XD
Milana:and milana just:
Milana:'pet the kittens, they are nice~'
Milana:and kittens just HISSING XD
Pachi:omg yes
Pachi:and renji is like: ....have i?
Pachi:kittens: B\ B/
Milana:and when he comes close, they just pull away from him
Milana:B/ B\
Pachi:yep and abarai is just:
Pachi:I TRIED ;w;
Pachi:pachi: try more.
Pachi:kittens: all the hissing and grumpy faces XD
Milana:poor abarai LOL
Milana:but it would be so cute
Milana:imagine his face when kittens are like: noe~
Pachi:and then like: omg please only for a second lemme touch you only with one little finger even and we both will have peace ok just cooperate
Pachi:kittens: noe.
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thekingisrunning: Shinigamis were allowed to roam as they 'pleased', a mock idea of even payment was the Espada roaming the domain of the Death Gods- Uncaring of the consequences did the Sexta roam until his sight landed upon a woman. Slowly fading away from the heavens to stand before the other, the grin of the self proclaimed King befell the other. "-Looks like I got caught." Uncaring as always, his words mocked the other as did his eyes and grin.

"Well, this would mean that I tried to catch you, no?" Green eyes travelled over the taller form of the being now standing right in front of her, twisted grin adorning his face was nothing that would put the petite female off in any way, nothing that would shock or even slightly frighten her to the point she would cover and hide from the actual ‘intruder’ – if he really was one.

Glance lurched up and down, taking into consideration everything she could see, male was actually easily to be deciphered as an Arrancar, the mask-fragment, the outfit, the hollow hole in his stomach, he seemed rather self-aware, no need to hide and no real want to either, and from what Milana could catch up on him, blue-haired being was high ranked and powerful. A tilt of her head followed as well as a smile. If the man would want to attack, he would have done long ago, no?

It wasn’t often Arrancar would roam around the Shinigami’s premises, not because – after the war after all – they were automatically hostile against what should be called a former enemy, mainly because distrust was a ‘quality’ hard to lose.

Milana herself had indeed taken up the time and also possibility to actually visit the desert kingdom, before as well as after the war, but never had she met the foreign traveler now taking up a conversation she hadn’t even induced, truly, she would not have mentioned a word to him even that – and this was true – smaller female had realized his presence. She still smiled while verdant eyes searched his blue ones, folding her hands lightly and tugging them away in the opposite parts of her kimono-sleeves.

He had caught her in the 13th division, one of those not entirely negative towards an Arrancar’s – or better Espada’s – approach. Words leaving were soft and soothing was there no actual reason to be ridiculing or condescending towards him; a true genuine question.

“Is there something I can help you with?”

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Oi, my soul already goes to Undertaker and Starrk. I don’t have enough souls to go around!

Alright, alright~ that’s enough soul-sharing I suppose~

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I will so long as you promise not to eat my soul with your coffee in the morning

Ah~ on this muse I only have selected souls - yours is atm not under them, but we can likely change it~

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Rly not? Then welcome, welcome - enjoy your stay~

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My, aren’t you lost?

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